The Croatian national territory totals 56.594 km2 with 31.479 km2 of coastal waters for sailing, swimming and diving. Through 6.278 km Croatia’s coastline offers an exciting challenge of 1246 islands and reefs, 66 of them inhabited the entire year.  with thousands of wet and dry berths available all year, modern marinas with yatchs to hire and professional sailing courses to attend.

Croatia has almost 60 marina, with an average of 20,000 berths and 8,000 dry berths, and at least as many berths in ports and ports. Marinas continuously work to improve and enrich their services, and to adapt to the new needs and wishes of their guests.

Yacht Club Milna is one of these figures and seeks to further enhance the classic experience of nautical tourism. In almost all marinas or in their immediate vicinity you can find restaurants of superb cuisine, health clinics, shops, souvenir shops, a variety of nautical and accommodation agencies as well as marine equipment shops with service of maintenance and repair of the vessels.

The best nautical seasons in Croatia are spring and autumn, due to mild temperatures, calmer sea, peaceful and steadier winds. Before visiting do check the local winds and climate. The Adriatic Sea is a branch of the Mediterranean Sea, its surface is 138,595 km 2, with length of 738 km, the average width of 159.3 km, and an average depth of 173 m. 

The indentation of the Croatian coast is one of the main advantages for the popularity of Croatian nautical tourism. Our coastline is high, steep and rocky, with a special charm. Right behind the coast mountain ranges rise Učka, Velebit, Svilaja, Kozjak, Mosor and Biokovo, which provides the boaters an extraordinary experience. And if the beauty of such landscapes does not seem enough, here’s a refreshing piece of news: tap water is drinkable across all of Croatia. 


Official name: Republic of Croatia
Area: 56,542 square km
Number of inhabitants: 4.4 million (July 2002)
Capital: Zagreb
Monetary unit: Kuna
Telephone country prefix: +385
Language: Croatian (most people speak English)
Climate: Mediterranean


+385 112 is a general emergency telephone number
Specific emergency numbers in distress: 
+385 192   Police
+385 194   Ambulance
+385 193   Fire fighters
+385 1987   Road Assistance
+385 195   Search and Rescue at Sea